Eversince I finished high school my goal was to work from anywhere in the world, running my own business. I didn't lie the idea of being tied up by a working place or by working 9 -5 hours! I wanted to enjoy the freedom of a travelling entrepreneur. I have sought countless opportunities to enable myself to do this but the biggest change and transformation came when my dream started turning into reality with Mano’s methods – dreams that had quickly manifested into reality. Now I’m living the life that I envisioned all these years and it’s clear to me that the techniques that Manos reveals have the power to create dreams into reality. I've Dared and Won!”

- George Stevens [Entrepreneur]

“For years, I struggled financially to make it as a high school teacher. But, thanks to the  principles and the techniques that Manos has shown me, I was able to attract my dream job. Now I'm a Senior high-school in a private school! A position that pays DOUBLE my old salary, bonuses and above all.. I happy with myself!”

- Mary Cambell [CEO - High School Principal]

"Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of living in Milan-Italy. I pictured myself with a glamorous career in fashion industry, a beautiful apartment, and experiencing all the wonder the “City of Fashion” has to offer. But, it was only a dream. Maybe a strong desire, bur still a dream.. I never thought it would become a reality. But, then I just “Jumped” through the portal. Talked with Manos and followed the guidelines.. And now, I'm the happiest fashion designer, running my own projects and traveling the world! I hope to see you all in Milan this year on My-Own Fashion show!”

- Liza Moore [Fashion Is Life]

“Meeting Manos and his Team, it's what I call a life-changing momment of my life! All of his techniques, the products, the mentoring and coaching, provides you with the direction and motivation to restart your life. The concepts are all to the point, and really easy to implement. Manos will bring you on an amazing journey to create miracles in your life, even if you don't believe in them. Using the principles highlighted, I have managed to manifest my life-long dream of being a young entrepreneur and influencer with over 25,000 subscribers, in under a year.. It’s been truly life changing for me. Highly recommended for people who are at the crossroad in their lives.”

- Mike Mariner [CFO/CEO - Co-founder]

“I always wanted to experience the beautiful wilderness and the vastness of  South East Asia. With the solid principles I got from Manos, I was able to manifest my Asian trip from just an idea – into a full 3 years trip and it changed my perspective on what is possible forever! Daring to live, has become my motivational thought!”

- Carren Rose [Living With Passion]

“I always imagined being my own boss and escaping the 9-5 with my own successful business. With the help of Manos's secrets... this is my reality. I was able to manifest a 100K income in my FIRST year in on-line business and digital marketing. And, just a few months ago, I set a record with $37,000.00 over a single month! I'll make it simple for you: Just dare! It plain WORKS!"

- Tomm Mikeston [On Line Addict]

"I've always been skeptical by nature! Didn't know if this would work for me but as I started using Manos's methods and guidelines, something felt very different. Felt like an instant awakening and realization. I felt more positive in what I had to do to start changing my life around. That’s when I realized I could easily manifest that life I’d be dreaming for. Products, advises, guides from Manos have helped me to change my relationships with friends and family and turned around my struggling financial situation quicker than I ever imagined."

- Rob Darren [Entrepreneur]

“I’ve been using Manos's techniques  to manifest some extra money. It’s almost always really weird. When I concentrate on your technique, listen to your suggestions and proposals, then things suddenly start to fall in to place. Everything done! It’s almost like the exact help I need just appears in front of my eyes!”

Marios Georgiou [Author - Blogger]

“I knew I had to change my life for the better! I didn't know how though. Get a job, work from home, go abroad..didn't know. But, I had to put my doubts aside and go after my dreams! My dreams: Live happy, work as I want and travel the world. Now.. I manifested a new passive income source that pays me 4-figures a month and Im a happy-traveler of the world.. Decided to Live the Life I Deserve!”

Marie Djolenssen [Travel Blogger - Living life in maximum]

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