The Quality in our lives lays upon, the communicative quality we have with our-self and others.

Stay open, stay positive and be active. Feel, Think, Act ..

-Manos Ischakis-

Professional NLP Life & Business Coach, Interventionist, Author, Presenter, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Motivator and … Human

My Story:

Like I always love to say, my journey didn’t start easily but it certainly has been exciting and still is. After suffering from a serious heart-break depression at the age of 22, it seemed that my life had no meaning, that there was no point in living and that failure was my only option. As the years were passing by, I felt that there was not much I could do and slowly, without even realizing it, I was losing my way. I was losing myself, losing my life.. Things got worst at the age of 26 were I hit rock bottom, my dead end. No work, no friends, no relationship, financially almost broke and my only friends were anger, insecurity, stress and frustration!!

I knew I had to something ..I knew I had to make a choice and act..

“Manos, is time to take control of your life! It’s time to Live!

And so I did.  I’ve made the choice to live and I took action. I took the responsibility of myself.

I started studying, reading books, attending seminars and following people who had a success story to share. I started using and applying all this incredible knowledge and techniques, and I started feeling good. Good with myself, good with my family and the people around me. Slowly I began to feel that what I was doing was having such a positive impact in my life and the life of others, that at some point my personal coach turned to me and said … ”Manos, since you care deeply and sincerely about the people around you why don’t you try to become a life coach yourself?”… That was it! That question truly changed my life…

I quitted my job and I went after my dream! I went after my life! At the age of 28 I got my NLP – Certification and became a professional life coach and started practicing this great tool. By the time I was 34, I had gotten my ToastMasters Certification as “Best Speaker”, authored and published my book “NLP-The Key To Our Mind” and the audio book “NLP-Revealing My Inner Strength”. I Created two online programs “Live Your Happy Life” and “You Sure Can” along with the live seminar “Taking Control Of Your Life”. Last but not least, I founded the “Online Academy of Success” in Greece, aiming to provide people with the right tools, knowledge, inspiration and the know-how to use their mind, body and heart which are the basic elements for any kind of success that you can think of.

Today, with more than 100.000 hours of Life and Business Coaching, I’m sharing my dream with my team from USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus and Greece.

Yes! Since I did it and changed my life, I know you can too!

It was so clear to me that what excited me the most was to help and motivate people, discovering their personal powers and strengths! Everybody needs to have goals. Everybody needs to have dreams. Every single one of us deserves to find these goals and dreams and go after them. Everyone deserves to be happy. And I am, because this is exactly what I do. I work with people who find and go after their dreams and reach their own happiness. And for me this is The Greatest Inspiration of all.

I don’t think I will ever forget all those who:

- suffered from panic attacks and couldn’t leave their house and now they enjoy a peaceful happy life

- had social phobia and now they are socializing and have real friends and life partners

- faced financial problems and now they are financially free and independent

- were losing their business and now they are successful entrepreneurs

- were in deep depression and now they help others to overcome their problems

- had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives and now they live their dream life

- didn’t know what love is, and now they live their Loving, Caring, Passionate Intimate Relationship

- had cigarette addiction and unhealthy nutrition issues and now they are smoke free and healthier than ever.

All those who lost themselves at some point and found the strength to go after their …Life!

To all of you, a Big Thank You! Thank you for the Inspiration!

And I know that If I did it, I know you can do it too! If they did it, they know you can do it too!

It’s all up to you… And if not now, then when? I believe it’s now! Because now, is not always here..

Stay Open, Stay Positive and Be Active.  “Feel, Think, Act “

Dare To Live The life You Deserve.


Connect With Your True Self & Live An Abundant Life.. WITHOUT struggling!

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